Crowns & Bridges

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Crowns and Bridges

If you have one or more missing or damaged teeth, then bridges and crowns are the best options. It is a fixed solution for missing teeth. These focus on preserving the natural state of your smile. Crown is used if the structure of the tooth is damaged and bridges are used one or more teeth are missing.

What are Crowns?

Crown is a customized and manufactured tooth. Dental crowns are used to cap an individual's damaged tooth. It is made up of ceramic or porcelain material with the intention to match the color and texture of your existing teeth. The dentist applied an artificial crown if a part of your tooth is chipped or broken. It restores your missing tooth to its natural shape and functioning.

Why are crowns important?
  • Location of the tooth and it's functionality
  • The position of the gum tissue
  • Tooth seen while you smile
  • Shade and color of the surrounding teeth 
How is the crown fixed?

In the first dental visit, examination of the tooth takes place . X-ray is taken of the tooth and the jaw bone to acknowledge the decay and the other factors like injury pulp of the tooth. The tooth is then shaped according to the room for the crown to be filled. According to the size and shape of the crown to be fixed, the tooth is shaped. The sides and top of the tooth are filed as per the requirement of the crown. Any kind of tooth decay is rechecked and treated if required in this stage. Once the tooth is shaped adequately, an impression of the shaped tooth is created and the crown is to fit the tooth as close as possible. Impressions are made using a putty-like paste that holds the shape of the tooth. The color of the tooth is matched with the rest of the teeth. Finally, a temporary crown is placed to protect the tooth until the permanent crown is fixed. In the second visit, impressions of the teeth are sent to the dental laboratory and form a crown that exactly fixes on the teeth. This process might take up to 2- 3 weeks. once the crown is ready, the temporary crowns if fixed needs to be removed and the permanent crown is fixed. Before the crown is placed on the tooth, the color of the crown and the fitting needs to be checked before cementing.

Dental Bridges:

Dental Bridges are a way of restoring one or more than one missing tooth by bridging the gap between them. It helps in restoring the look and functioning of the teeth. It is generally made up of porcelain fused to metal to achieve both strengths and look. The most common causes of missing teeth are tooth decay, gum disease, or any kind of injury. The main reason for dental bridges is to have a complete set of natural-looking teeth as the empty space of the missing tooth is filled by the adjacent tooth. It causes biting and chewing problems, self-consciousness, and pain in the teeth and jaw.

How are dental bridges fixed?

The dental bridges are fixed when you have a missing tooth. It is a prosthetic appliance that comprises several pieces that are combined together and placed in the open space of missing teeth. The bridge is used to replace the missing permanent tooth to restore the chewing and the natural functioning of your tooth. A false tooth is created just similar to the shape and size of the actual tooth/ teeth. The crowns support the false teeth that are located in the middle of the bridge. The crowns are then placed on the dental implants, however, the crowns are supported by natural teeth.

The dental bridges are also made up of alloys, gold, or porcelain. However, porcelain is the basic and commonly used material.

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