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Periodontics involves the treatment and prevention of gum diseases, cosmetic gum procedures (Periodontal cosmetic surgery) and placement of Dental Implants to replace the missing teeth.

At Smile Dental Hospital, our Periodontal specialists work closely with our Oral Surgeons, Prosthodontists, Endodontists and Orthodontists to ensure patients receive the highest quality dental care.


Periodontitis is also known as Gum disease. This disease begins with the bacterial growth in the mouth. If this is ignored, it might be a cause for tooth loss and also destructs the tissues that surround the teeth.

The primary cause for gum disease is plague however there are other factors like illness, hormonal changes, bad eating habits, medications and poor health hygiene that contributes to the development of gum diseases.

It is a common disease that affects the soft tissues and the bone that supports the tooth. If the treatment is not done it might slowly lead to tooth loss. It is generally caused due to the bacteria that stick to the surface of the tooth and multiply in large numbers. It can also increase the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other health problems. Bacteria is a sticky substance that forms on the surface of the teeth and is the root cause for gum disease or Periodontitis. The best way to prevent periodontitis is good oral care.

Symptoms of Periodontitis:

  • Diagnostic-centr-ro
  • Swollen gums
  • Darkened gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bleeding while flossing or brushing
  • Pus between your gums
  • Bad breath
  • Pain while chewing
  • Loss of teeth
  • Gaps in the teeth

Treatment of Periodontitis:

The first and foremost way to treat periodontitis is good oral hygiene. The aim is to reattach the healthy gums to teeth, the depth of pockets and reduce swelling. The procedure involves cleaning out the bacteria from the pockets surrounding the teeth and restrain further damage of the soft tissue and bone.

First line treatment for gum disease/ periodontitis:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Scaling and cleaning
  • Use of the medicated product

Surgical treatment for gum disease/ periodontists:

  • Flap surgery ( pocket reduction surgery)
  • Soft tissue grafts
  • Bone grafting
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Tissue stimulating proteins
  • It is always better to prevent gum disease/ periodontitis with good oral health and self-care. Approach your dentist for healthy oral hygiene and follow the best routine for your teeth because you don't want to lose your teeth.

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